Standard version includes:

  1. Extrenal, internal and attic walls -- solid spruce logs of 70 x 140 mm,
  2. Joists of 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 100 mm under the walls and groud-floor,
  3. Wooden ceiling construction between the Ground-floor and attic,
  4. Roof construction of collar-beams and rafters with a plank layer of 25 mm, or alternatively - steam-penetrable foil with a set of laths and counter-laths ready for the final sheet iron covering,
  5. Roof eaves - spruce casing,
  6. Ground-floor floor - pine plank of 28 mm,
  7. Attic floor - planed spruce plank of 35 mm,
  8. Internal attic walls - framework finished with the spruce casing on both sides,
  9. Euro-type windows - glued pine scantling, envelope fittings, joint window-pane, ruber gaskets, finishing colours - at the customer's discretion,
  10. Entrance door - insulated,
  11. Internal door - spruce, colour at the customer's discretion,
  12. Intrenal staircase - open-work, glued pine construction.

The price of 1 square metre of the utility surface in standard version on the substructure plate prepared by an investor is 890 PLN net (+ VAT). Price of assembly is 15% of the house's price.