A basic element used for the construction of the wooden-house walls is a 40 x 120 mm spruce log, connected by the blade-groove system, and "overlap" method on the corners.

Holiday houses - two storey houses (usable attic), built with 70 x 140 mm spruce logs, connected by the blade-groove system and "overlap" metod on the corners.


All-year houses - built by adding thermal insulation (10-15 cm of mineral wool) to the standard version and the external insulation offered basically in three versions:

  • Casing plank 18 mm thick, and 100 -120 mm wide,
  • board 22 - 23 mm thick and 140 mm wide,
  • Plank 30 mm thick and 140 mm wide.

It is also possible to build all-year houses with external walls made from double 70 x 140 mm logs separated by 100 -150 mm insulation layer.